Equitable Economic Growth + Affordability

I will promote economic growth that benefits all residents.

Small Business Support:

We need an equitable economic development plan that benefits our community, not just hotels and big businesses around the airport. We need to make sure small businesses and communities of color stay in core urban areas and continue to thrive. Now, small local businesses in SeaTac, particularly minority and immigrant-owned, face gentrification, the onslaught of rising commercial rents and an un-level playing field with mega-corporations around the airport receiving free passes and preferential treatment over the vibrant small local businesses. We need to support, retain, and expand small businesses.

Equitable Development + A Strong Local Economy:

We need more mixed land use development policies that allow combined affordable housing with commercial space for small and medium businesses. This keeps dollars in the local economy, creates good jobs and prevailing wages, promotes entrepreneurship that benefits the local community and puts SeaTac on sustainable future. We need to invest in job training and educational opportunity for all residents. We also need to be conscious about impacts of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) - not to displace existing residents in the area, but to create opportunities for mass public transportation and our city’s economic growth.

Workers’ Rights:

We need make sure that all workers, including gig economy workers, earn a prevailing wage, benefits to support self, family and live a better life.

We should use any opportunity to work with SeaTac Airport to create a workforce center to train SeaTac residents for good paying jobs at the airport so that they earn prevailing wages, live around where they work, grow and enjoy life.


SeaTac is becoming unaffordable for many working families with the highest rents in South King County. We need

  • rent stabilization to prevent the displacement of working-class families and low income tenants, especially seniors.

  • All new developments should have apartments that low-income and working families can afford.

  • All mixed-use buildings should include ground level spaces for our small local businesses.

We need to develop bold policies that will keep SeaTac affordable and ensure housing for all. We can build a collection of regional stakeholders to get things done to keep SeaTac affordable.