Livability + Strong Schools


We need to plan for a livable city, where SeaTac achieves its greatest potential and realize its values - walkable neighborhoods, safe streets, sustainability, a good quality of life, equity and transparent governance. With just about 10 square miles, SeaTac faces many challenges including low air quality, low property values around the airport, traffic congestion, and lack of access to human services. We need better planning at all scales- every block, every neighborhood, and citywide.

  • We must ensure our kids can walk to school safely - that sidewalks and crosswalks are available and accessible in our neighborhoods, and that bus services meet the needs of families and children getting to school.

  • Expand regional collaboration to make SeaTac people-oriented, environmentally friendly and the most livable city in South King County.

  • Work together with teachers, parents and the school district to improve local schools and empower families.

Parks and Open Spaces

SeaTac families need access to a wide range of clean, quality, safe, and attractive parks and recreational spaces. We need to invest in improving and maintaining existing parks, recreational and open spaces, and ensure that everyone has access to them.

There is also ample available city-owned property that is under-developed and under-utilized. Let’s be thoughtful about using this land, and use it to improve our City’s quality of life.

I want to work with the SeaTac airport on building and maintaining our parks and open spaces, in an effort to offset the high negative impacts the airport has on our city’s environment.