Meet Takele

I am a proud Ethiopian-American, the first generation immigrant that moved to the United States of America.  I am passionate about empowering the people in our community to have a voice and the power to make decisions about what matters to them. My father was a hardworking person, a local community leader, but he unfortunately passed away when I was only 11 years old, leaving my siblings and me in our mom’s hand, who worked so hard to raise us in our father’s footsteps.

SeaTac means everything to me. My partner, Meselech and I have made SeaTac our home. All of our three daughters, Eba (4), Maya (3) and Michu (1) were born and will go to school here. This town has given me so much. It is my turn to give back. SeaTac is where my heart, mind and eyes find home, and where my future lies.  

I started at Highline Community College and graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Politics, Philosophy, Economics and minor in Business Administration. While at UW, I interned at AmeriCorps (Corporation for National and Community Services) in the Summer Meals Program which connects kids and teens to free, healthy food in parks, community centers and libraries. I also interned with Washington’s District 9th Congressional office where I served many constituents including SeaTac residents. I was also active in advocating for the rights of Uber and Lyft drivers to unionize, a fight 3 years later I am still active in today.

I have devoted my life to fighting alongside all workers and working families born overseas or right here in SeaTac.  I know what it is to work hard and live paycheck to paycheck and barely be able to pay outrageous rents.  When I started my first job at SeaTac Airport, I saw how workers were underpaid. There, I learned the importance of organizing and the strength of unions to make positive changes in the lives of working families. I took it upon myself and worked on the initial campaign to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. I am proud to see our win inspired thousands of workers across the country to organize and win their own fight for $15.

For the last 2 and half years I have been working as a Union Representative at Teamsters Local 117, representing hundreds of workers from the public and private sectors including many from SeaTac.  I work to organize, negotiate and enforce labor contracts to make sure all working families get fair pay with safe and secure working conditions to be able to live better lives.

I have a decade worth of experience working with East African community organizations in roles ranging from youth liaison to board member. I am also an active member of SeaTac Neighborhood Action Council which advocates for safe neighborhoods and works to increase community involvement in the city’s decision making process. I am a cofounder of the SeaTac Community Coalition to fight against gentrification that drives out the lifeblood of our community, our small local businesses.

As your future city council member I am committed to improving the lives of the working families of SeaTac.  

Thank you so much for your support. Vote Now - Vote Takele