Our Vision for a Better SeaTac

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Neighborhood Safety

As a father of three, neighborhood safety is a top concern for me, as it is for many of our residents.

  • Let’s build bridges between our diverse community, police, and first responders to restore trust, and make SeaTac a safer place to live, work and raise a family.

  • We can fight crime by improving response times and expanding community crime prevention programs by creating partnerships with police, the port, small business, and community members.

Equitable Economic Growth + Affordability

  • Promote economic growth that benefits all residents, not just corporations around the airport.

  • Stop displacement of working families and seniors by developing bold policies to increase affordable housing and renters’ protections.

Livability + Strong Schools

  • Invest in all of our neighborhoods - more sidewalks, senior services, parks and safe routes to school

  • Work together with teachers, parents and the school district to improve local schools and empower families

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Representation + Community Voice

  • Make inclusion and diversity a fundamental part of our decision-making process

  • Create a welcoming space for more community participation in our city government