Our Vision for a Better Seatac

Affordability and Livability

We must stop displacement of working families and seniors by increasing affordable housing and renters’ protections.

I will invest in all of our neighborhoods - more sidewalks, senior services, parks and safe routes to school.

Let’s work together with teachers, parents and the school district to improve local schools and empower families.

Affordability: SeaTac is becoming unaffordable for many working families with the highest rents in South King County. We need rent stabilization to prevent the displacement of working-class families and low income tenants, especially seniors. We need to make sure that all new developments have apartments that low-income and working families can afford to pay the rent on and all mixed-use buildings include ground level spaces for our small local businesses.

We need to be bold enough to develop policies that will keep SeaTac affordable and ensure housing for all. We can build a collection of regional stakeholders to get things done to keep SeaTac affordable.

Livability: We need to plan for a livable city, where SeaTac achieves its greatest potential and realize its values- livable neighborhoods, Safe Streets, sustainability, a good quality of life, equity and transparent governance. With just about 10 square miles, now SeaTac faces many challenges, including low air quality, low property values around the airport, traffic congestion, and lack of access to human services. We need better planning at all scales- every block, every neighborhood, and citywide. We must ensure our kids can walk to school safely, and that sidewalks are available and accessible in our neighborhoods. We must collaborate at the regional level to make SeaTac people-oriented, environmentally friendly and the most livable city in South King County. Let’s also work together with teachers, parents and the school district to improve local schools and empower families.

Equitable Development & Workers Rights

I will promote economic growth that benefits all residents.

Equitable Economic Development: We need an equitable economic development plan that benefits our community, not just hotels and big businesses around airport. We need to make sure small businesses and communities of color stay in core urban areas and continue to thrive. Now, small local businesses in SeaTac, particularly minority and immigrant-owned, face gentrification, the onslaught of rising commercial rents and an un-level playing field with mega-corporations around the airport receiving free passes and preferential treatment over the vibrant small local businesses. We need to support, retain, and expand small businesses. We need more mixed land use development policies that allow combined affordable housing with commercial space for small and medium businesses. This keeps dollars in the local economy, creates good jobs and prevailing wages, promotes entrepreneurship that benefits the local community and puts SeaTac on sustainable future. We need to invest in job training and educational opportunity for all residents. We also need to be conscious about impacts of Transit Oriented Development (TOD not to displace existing residents in the area but create opportunities for mass public transportations and our city’s economic growth.

Workers’ Rights: We need make sure that all workers including gig economy workers earn a prevailing wage, benefits to support self, family and live a better life.

We should use any opportunity to work with SeaTac Airport to create a workforce center to train SeaTac residents for good paying jobs at the airport so that they earn prevailing wages, live around where they work, grow and enjoy life.

Access to Parks and Recreational and Open Spaces

Access to Parks and Recreational and Open Spaces: We need access to a wide range of clean, quality, safe, and attractive parks and recreational spaces for all SeaTac residents. We need to make sure we have safe neighborhoods where our kids walk to school safely, crossroads are safe, sidewalks are available, parks are well maintained, playgrounds are safe and available for kids, buses are available in the neighborhoods to make sure kids get to school easily. We need to make sure our city’s parks, recreational and open spaces serve all citizens of SeaTac. We need to invest in improving and maintaining existing parks, recreational and open spaces. Currently, there are many underdeveloped and under utilized city owned land or property that can be used for this purpose. We need to develop new and better parks, recreational and open spaces on those lands to improve our city’s quality of life. We need to make sure SeaTac Airport contributes its fair share in development of these new parks, recreational and open spaces since the airport has huge environmental negative impacts over the quality of life in our city. We need to provide our seniors easy transportation means to get around to parks, recreational and open spaces.

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Ensuring Diversity, Representation and Community Voice

As your Councilmember, I will make inclusion and diversity a fundamental part of our decision making process; and create a welcoming space for more community participation in our city government.

Ensuring Diversity, Representation and Community Voice: SeaTac is a minority majority city and one of the most diverse cities in the country. We need to make sure that diversity, inclusion and community representation are a fundamental part of our public policy decision making process. As an immigrant who is from an underrepresented community, I will make sure disfranchised, underrepresented community members have a voice and are being heard in our city’s decision making process. I will make sure that city hall is welcoming and open to everyone regardless of their background and unique walks of life. We need to make sure the city’s services are in multiple languages. We need to expand cultural services so that they reflect our community values and respect many heritages in our city. . We need to make sure our diversity, culture, language, identity are being reflected in a relationships between our police and our community to serve SeaTac residents better.


Neighborhood Safety

As a father of three, neighborhood safety is a top concern for me, as it is for many of our residents.

Let’s build bridges between our diverse community, police, and first responders to restore trust, and make SeaTac a safer place to live, work and raise a family.

We can fight crime by improving response times and expanding community crime prevention programs by creating partnerships with police, the port, small business, and community members.